Hive does not support the full SQL capabilities. Users may choose to include only the necessary classes from the extension zip file. Default Port See the SAP website for more information. To do that make sure that the following statement is executed at least once in your Java session: This is listed as the last preference, for the 8i platform is quite old, and the drivers supplied would have better characteristics for newer releases like the 10g and 11g platforms.

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It is important to note that extension zip files are large in size due to the requirement of supporting a large number of character sets. Contact your SAP representative for more information.

Oracle JDBC Drivers release 8i README

However, muti-byte character sets for usernames work. Which jdbc driver should be used for connecting with oracle 8i? Selection of jdbc driver for oracle 8i Ask Question.

Sign up for an Oracle Account. Note that the default port number is ” where ’00’ is the instance of the machine you are connecting to. Use this if are encountering any issues that are typically not patched in the driver supplied by the database.


3.1 Oracle 8i JDBC Drivers

That was de-supported a decade ago! JDBC drivers that are currently available for download from Oracle web site do not support Oracle 8i. There is no problem when the compatibility mode is set to 8.

The classes pertaining to NLS support for specific character sets have been separated out from the generic classes in order to provide users the flexibility of excluding them in scenarios where complete NLS support is not a requirement.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Comments Open source database highly optimized for Web applications. This reference is a continuous work in progress.

Contact your local HP representative for information on this product. Driver official class name org. Comments Note that the default port number is ” where ’00’ is the instance of the machine you are connecting to. Please refer to the 8i documentation for further information.

Home Skip to Content Skip to Search. Programs can fail to open 16 or more connections using our client side drivers at any one time. Sign up for an Oracle Account Sign in. You can also do the following: Date-time format, currenct symbol and decimal symbols are always presented in American conversion. Jxbc the second topic, OTN does list the 8i drivers for download.


Oracle 8i JDBC Drivers configuration

You can get this from Oracle Technology Network. We also provide examples of how to write Oracle 8 Object instance methods in Java. I am using jdk 1.

Triggers implemented as Java methods cannot have IN arguments of the following types: In practice, ensure that you know the version of the driver in use, and that it is supported for use against 8i. Manage your account and access personalized content. For SAP customers, the driver is part of your client tools. Teradata Company URL http: Driver older class name. Please note that 8l for callins and instance methods using Oracle 8 Object Types are provided in: OCI Server — jdbc: