The built-in Logitech web camera can take still pictures of up to 1. In fact, the XPS M is as good as or better than many larger notebooks in terms of port offerings. The overall look of the notebook is sleek and very attractive. I was astounded at the sound the M provided. There is no fading or white leaks around the edges of the screen. Fan noise is bearable, unlike most other “ultraportables” , Stays cool!

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This laptop is far and away the current best value for its size and power. PC Advisor With its plethora of media-oriented features, the M monitpr probably the best 2kg entertainment notebook on the market.

I decided to try out Half Life 2, it ran on high-detail without issue. The speakers are as expected for an ultraportable notebook, nothing terribly special. On the monjtor hand, its Was on my lap the whole time and barely got warm ; The Bad: Here is the M on the right flushed against the Lenovo V Super Pi Super Pi is a program that forces the notebook processor to calculate Pi to 2-million m120 of accuracy.

Stylishly finished in silver and black, with apparently good build quality, the XPS M looks unlike any other Dell laptop currently available, certainly not as brash as its big brother, the XPS M The only thing we don’t like about it monior that the Page Up key is too close to the right Shift key.


Dell XPS M1210 Screen

Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. The top two m210 grades of the mobile Core 2 Duo command a healthy markup. Super Pi is a program that forces the notebook processor to calculate Pi to 2-million digits of accuracy.

You can game on it, comfortably watch and listen to movies on it, use it to record video, be highly mobile and connected with the EVDO option and to top it all off the look is really great. The XPS M took 1m 11s to calcuate this value with its 2.

XPS M screen view large image. The two headphone jacks is kind of a cool thing too. The fan blows hot air out the left side of the notebook.

I am just not used to it yet but it works great. There is no heat on the palm rest at all.

Dell XPS M Screen | eBay

I love the black lid and blue accent lights. A nice array of ports and monutor, an optical drive and a long lasting battery life. Looking at the front you can see the optional integrated 1. It’s a premium product, and as you might expect, it comes at a premium price. Left side ports view view large image.

An unremarkable 3DMark05 score, which should make little difference to those who eschew notebook gaming: Horizontal viewing angles are quite good, you can be off to the side and still see the screen quite well. Armed with the dual-core bit Core 2 Duo processor m1120 a capable nVidia discrete graphics option, it is ready for Windows Vista.


How can I connect my XPS M1210 to a TV or External Monitor?

Battery Instead of running battery benchmark tests I used a real monifor battery drain test. It loads Windows up in about 36 secs.

Hit stop and the video file is dumped into your My Pictures folder you can customize where video files and pictures get stored. It boasts the most powerful GPU and CPU available for the ultraportable family combined with great features like the integrated webcam and monitro, MediaDirect, dual headphone jacks, Wi-Fi Catcher, and more.

And our test machine’s solid battery life should give you ample time monktor spend an afternoon telecommuting at the local coffee shop or watching an in-flight DVD: The M I have configured with a mpnitor. I am still impressed with the performance of these low power chips. IT Reviews When you think of Dell’s XPS family you automatically think of big, powerful desktops or equally big gaming laptops, but the XPS M bucks this trend by being a small, seemingly ultra-portable machine.