Log in or register to post comments. After some initial scans with the Minolta software, which I found frustrating and disappointing, I simply set the resolution to dpi output at bit color depth and then edited and color corrected the resulting MB files in Photoshop 7. Simply because they can also make the best scans of any desktop scanner regardless of claimed resolution. Initially I chose to adjust, color correct, and edit these raw files using Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 3. Best Selling in Scanners See all. For more information and a full list of specifications, visit Konica Minolta’s website at:

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When I got to scanning black and white and Kodachrome with Digital ICE turned off to output high-bit files, each scan was done very quickly. Log in or register to post comments. About this product Product Information The Konica Minolta easily scans negatives, positives, color, and monochrome pictures.

However, if you are working with a really big file, even with a fast computer, the processing of each adjustment takes time. All the color adjustments, if needed, should take place in Photoshop or equivalent after the scan is made.

Like all of the other scanner hardware manufacturers, Minolta software is not really equal to the physical performance of the scanner. So my advice would be if you need the best in a dedicated 35mm film scanner, this new Konica Minolta offering is as good as it gets, at least for a while.

Create new account Request new password. This allowed me to experiment with various types of images. Fortunately the total price of both will not break the bank.

The New Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite | Shutterbug

On a shooting trip through British Columbia I was shooting mostly 4×5, but had some black and white film in a 35 and made some exposures of the same scenes also done on 4×5. Obviously, this demands that the computer used with the scanner is equipped with a generous amount of RAM. The film plane and sensor are also upright, further preventing any dust and dirt from accumulating and affecting scan performance. For more information and a full list of specifications, visit Konica Minolta’s website at: All of these very positive attributes are also quite affordable.


Driver Performance There is one shortcoming that affects the otherwise superlative attributes of the Elite the native Minolta software driver. Caribou – Denali, Alaska. And two, you can apply all of the adjustments using the SilverFast tools consecutively, and cumulatively. Then, if you are using LaserSoft’s SilverFast–either the scanner driver Ai 6 or the HDR version I used–it has a quite effective SilverFast SRD dust and scratch removal utility built-in, which is very effective at cleaning most of the defects in Kodachrome and black and white images.

The programming of the drivers must occur after the hardware is largely complete, so the software programmers are shorted in both time and resources to get the driver ready for the marketing of the scanner.

This may make for some grain noise, however, particularly with older Ektachrome-type films, as I’ve noticed that dye deterioration from age seems to affect shadow densities most of all. Create new account Request new password. In addition, I should add that when scanning Kodachrome or silver-based black and white film to a high-bit raw file you must turn Digital ICE off in the Konica Minolta Utility.

They’re a fraction of the price of currently available – and comparable used – slide scanners in its performance category. Whitetail in the Snow.

However, by then overcompensating, making the color balance much warmer and pushing the saturation almost to the limit, Elie was able to reproduce an image file that looked plausible, and could have been a natural result if the light had been warmer. The multisampling option in this Konika desktop scanner produces clearer and sharper scan, as it scans the image various time to remove all the dirt and noise.


Best scanner ever I am scanning dozens of Kodachrome slides from the ‘s.

Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 – film scanner (35 mm) Series

And, I found by beginning by using Levels to optimize the gamut, and then going to Elements’ Quick Fix using the manual sliders to adjust contrast and color, I could achieve a quite refined, finished image rather easily, and even more efficiently than using the full CS version of Photoshop. From numerous tests with scanners in the past, the availability of SilverFast assures a user will be able to obtain the best the hardware can provide in precisely color corrected scan output, both efficiently and effectively.

This particular shot from that visit captures–in the best quality I’ve ever gotten from a scan–the mood of the town on that day.

Simply because they can also make the best scans of any desktop scanner regardless of claimed resolution. I did scan all my old films with high resolution, it take me a week to finish my project.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite Slide & Film Scanner | eBay

While there is a patch minolya on the net that’s alleged to get it to function with Vista, I was not able to get it to work, and eventually hooked it up to an older computer. You can also contact the company at Darlington Ave.

Here Are 3 Easy Although the differences in my final scans of these select images were subtle, they were significant nonetheless.